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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
Pay per click advertising is a system where advertisers can bid on keywords for the right to display their ad copy in the search engine’s results pages and in some cases on other web site’s content pages. PPC advertising has proven itself to be a very effective means of driving direct sales as well as increasing brand awareness. For more information on pay per click advertising and its benefits click to read this pay per click advertising summary.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management

Pay per click campaigns can be set up to achieve various goals depending upon the client’s needs. In general we manage campaigns with the goal of maximizing the return on total advertising spend (ROAS). However some clients prefer to use PPC to increase their brand exposure for new product launches, to meet short term sales goals, or to meet various other end targets. The client’s goals are the ultimate determining factor for what strategy we use to manage pay per click campaigns.

Pay Per Click Search Engines

Having conducted market research for Overture Services and subsequently Yahoo! Search Marketing, the TAC Group has been a part of the inner workings of paid search for many years. Currently we offer pay per click management services for the two major PPC search engines, Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing, as well second tier search engines, such as Miva and LookSmart. Ask Jeeves recently launched their own proprietary system and MSN will be launching their own system in late fall 2005 / early 2006. We will be managing campaigns on those platforms as well once they are established.

Keyword Research and Selection

A successful PPC campaign starts with keyword research. At The TAC Group we use a variety of keyword resources to determine the best mix of terms based upon the client’s end goals.

Broad keywords are effective for raising brand awareness and driving traffic but tend to have poor short term conversion rates. Niche keywords at the “long tail” of the keyword advertising curve don’t drive as much traffic but tend to have much higher conversion ratios. We have the expertise to determine what keywords are relevant to your end goals and where those keywords lie on the keyword search curve. This holistic approach to developing keywords has proven successful for both b2b and b2c clients.

PPC Ad Copy

Writing effective ad copy is a key element for driving traffic and can actually lower your acquisition costs on Google, which ranks ads by both bid price and click thru ratio. Our copywriters are experts at creating ads with high click thru rates that still pre-qualify prospects through the use of limiting language.

Too often people write ads with broad appeal in order to increase click thru rates, ignoring the conversion rates of those ads. Use of catchphrases like “free” can bump click thru rates but ads using that type of language tend to convert very poorly.

Our goal is to drive only qualified traffic to your site so you don’t waste money on clicks that have zero chance of converting. We do this by continually testing ad copy and evaluating performance based on a combination of click thru rates, conversion rates, and your end goals.

PPC Bid Management

We use a combination of software and human supervision to manage our client’s pay per click bid campaigns. Depending upon the competitiveness of the client’s market we can update bids up to 24 times a day. Day parting, focusing advertising spend on the most effective times of the day, is another feature we offer. We tailor our PPC bid management strategy to the client’s budget and the overall competitiveness of the marketplace in order to achieve and exceed our client’s end goals.

As pay per click advertising continues to grow the marketplace will only get more challenging. See first hand how The TAC Group can improve your PPC advertising.


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