Developing Internet marketing strategies for today's dynamic market.
  • Vision
    • The TAC Group: An Internet Marketing Company

      Creativity + Reason = Success
      They say an ounce of inspiration will get you farther than a pound of perspiration but in this day and age you need both to achieve success. At The TAC Group we embrace creative thinking while never underestimating the power of market research. Our marketing solutions are a byproduct of both left and right brain thinking. Our one guiding principal is to create the best possible Internet marketing strategy to achieve your end goals.
  • Planning
    • Internet Marketing Services

      At The TAC Group we donít believe in a one size fits all cookie cutter solution. Far too many Internet marketing companies focus solely on one marketing platform without taking the time to look at the big picture and discover what your companyís overall goals are.

      Depending upon what a clientís needs are we can develop an all encompassing Internet marketing strategy or simply develop a campaign for one specific aspect of your web goals. This may include driving traffic to your site through the use of search engine marketing including search engine optimization and pay per click advertising, online press releases, contextual ads and banners, email newsletters, affiliate marketing, and webinars, or retaining and upselling to new and existing customers through email marketing, interactive games, and promotions or a combination of services.
  • Action
    • Search Engine Marketing Strategies

      With over 85 percent of the Internet population using search to find what they are looking for, developing an effective search engine marketing strategy is the key for driving traffic to your site. However without a user friendly design and strong calls to action potential customers will quickly leave your site to click on the next search result in hopes of finding a site that better matches their needs.

      When developing a search engine marketing strategy we donít stop at merely driving traffic to your site. One of the key elements is to determine what the clientís goals are and how those goals relate to potential customers needs. Finding the key touch points for potential customers and creating a user friendly environment that addresses those issues is the key to a successful web site.
  • Persistence
    • Internet Marketing Strategies

      Developing a focused search engine marketing strategy is the key for driving large scale traffic to a site but it is only one element of a successful Internet marketing strategy. Once you have garnered a searchers attention you need to turn that individual into a customer.

      There can be multiple steps in this process depending upon where that potential customer is in the buying cycle. Creating an environment that speaks to the searchers needs and presents information in user friendly environment is vital for an immediate purchase or lead generation. However, if the searcher is in the very beginning of the research stage having a strategy in place to capture their attention and return to the site in the future is necessary for a successful conversion. Email newsletters, white papers, and online tools are just some of the methods used for ensuring that you can continue to communicate to the searcher and remain top of mind when they are ready to make a final purchase decision.
  • Success
    • Internet Marketing Solutions

      We have created Internet marketing solutions for companies ranging from publicly traded companies, such as Yahoo!, to sole proprietor start-ups. Our Internet marketing strategies for B2C and B2B clients are based on each individual companyís needs in order to ensure their long term success.